Hi, I’m Becky

For the last 5 years we have lived in our fixer upper home. We’ve done little projects here and there but now we are getting to the good stuff. I’ve always loved interior decorating and had a vision of the potential our house had lying in store.

I hope you follow along with our everyday life and feel inspired to create a space you love no matter where you are.

New Windows and Removal of the Bay Window (In Progress)

New Windows and Removal of the Bay Window (In Progress)

I know things are looking crazy in the dining room and kitchen but I wanted to show some in progress shots of the new windows. We are delayed because we are waiting on electrical to get finished (more on that below) before the drywall goes up.

However, the windows are in and it has made such a difference. I often stand at our peninsula prepping food and now I have the view you see below. Yes, it is ripped up but being able to see the landscape outside the windows is so magical. It’s quite a bit better in person but you get the idea.

New Dining Room Window.jpg

Below is the start of the bay window removal.


First our contractor took off all the sheet rock. We were hoping that the ceiling joists above the window would run all the way outside since we are keeping the bay window that is stacked above it. (I forgot got to get pictures of the outside so I will put those in the next update post!).

Unfortunately, the joists didn’t run all the way outside so our contractor put on the new header and framed everything up for the new wall and window.


Then he ran another joist next each existing joist starting indoors three feet from the wall. Next he ran the continuous joist outside to support the bay window above. The new joists were bolted to the old ones. You can see the double joists in the picture below.


Each contractor who bid the job had a different idea of what they would do to preserve the bay window above (in our master bedroom) and remove the one below (in the kitchen). The one we went with had the simplest and best looking option from inside and outside and it’s definitely sturdy. It did take him almost an entire day worth of work to do because he cut 2x10 notches to slide the new joists from interior to the exterior and it all fit in like a glove.

After the support for the bay window upstairs was installed, he removed the rest of the kitchen bay window beneath.

Closed in Bay Window.jpg

I was thinking about how the new wall and window would make our space feel smaller and that is why it was a hard choice to remove the bay window. Yet the new window is in and it actually feels about the same! I think because the bay window made the space feel a little disjointed the removal of it also removed that feeling.

Here’s what happened with electrical:

We’ve had pretty good luck with home renovations thus far. With the kitchen being the largest of the projects we’ve done, we ran into our first big unexpected expense.

We wanted to add electrical in our cabinets that went out to the peninsula because we are putting our microwave in the lower cabinets. We also are extending some of the electrical out to the other peninsula to use for appliances.

Our electrician had already wired electrical that went out to the microwave but the problem was that it didn’t have a separate breaker for it.  Also on the opposite peninsula the dishwasher and the outlets above it, were all on the same breaker.

Consequently, we need to put in two new breakers all the way out to the garage where the breaker box is located. Suddenly, we now need $1000 more than we planned for electrical to get done.

We debated on whether or not it was worth it to add the separate breakers. Since I’m cooking and running lots of appliances all the time in addition to the dishwasher and using the microwave, we are taking a more precautionary route. It would get annoying for the breaker to trip all the time.

Our electrician comes later this week to finish the electrical and then our contractor who was doing the window can come back and finish drywall!

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