All in Kitchen Remodel

Painting Progress on the Kitchen

I have just a few update pictures from the kitchen. Cameron did all our painting and it took 5 days but it’s turning out great! There are a few touch up spots but thats to be expected. I got a good laugh every time I went and saw him painting. You can see why below.

Kitchen Cabinets Installed

The cabinets are in. We still have a lot of things to finish. The sink needs to go in, the electrician is coming tomorrow to hook up the electrical in the peninsulas, the cabinets will get templated for counter tops tomorrow, and we need to paint.

Kitchen Cabinet Demo and Floors Patched

YAY! I’m so excited to share some progress happening with the kitchen. We made a radical shift and went with another cabinet maker. It was 1/3 of the price of the other quote. We felt good about it because our friends used the same person and we were able to see the outcome and they are nice cabinets.

Kitchen Design Board

Our contractor finished up the windows finally! Next we are moving on to painting the walls and installing the window trim. I wanted Cameron to make trim around the window because I’m very picky and didn’t want the contractor to mess with it.

I decided on a kitchen cabinet color, Sherwin Williams accessible beige. (The cabinet company we most likely are going with only had a few set colors but I liked them more than KitchenMaid’s color choices)… (Read More)

New Windows and Removal of the Bay Window (In Progress)

I know things are looking crazy in the dining room and kitchen but I wanted to show some in progress shots of the new windows. We are stalled right now waiting on electrical (more on that below) to do finish work.

However, the windows are in and it has made such a difference. I often stand at our peninsula prepping food and now I have the view you see below. Yes, it is ripped up but being able to see the landscape outside the windows is so magical. It’s quite a bit better in person but you get the idea.