Hi, I’m Becky

For the last 5 years we have lived in our fixer upper home. We’ve done little projects here and there but now we are getting to the good stuff. I’ve always loved interior decorating and had a vision of the potential our house had lying in store.

I hope you follow along with our everyday life and feel inspired to create a space you love no matter where you are.

Yard Plans

Sometimes, when Cameron is away on business trips I keep busy by drawing and planning. Here is what I've been working on:

This is the plans for the new cleared lot. The aerial view looks good but I'm trying to figure out lots of the little real life details. This is what I still need to figure out:

1. What kind of ground cover I will use between berries, bike track, and fruit trees. Our current lawn is Bermuda which of course is really aggressive so I won't be using that. I'm leaning towards Fescue right now because it looks good. But some other possibilities I'm thinking about for ground cover are are mulch, gravel, or a spreading perennial (i.e. wooly thyme).

2. What fence we will use around the garden. I would love, love, love to fence the whole yard and quit with all the individual fences but we found out to built a permanent fence to code around here it would have to slice through almost half the new lot- which would ruin all the plans.  Right now there are no trees up front and since it will be a while even after planting trees until we have full privacy I would like the fence to look nice. I love black fences because they sort of disappear from far away. And they just look better. It has to be deer, rabbit, armadillo, and groundhog proof!

For inside the garden in the paths, I decided to do a combination of gravel and bricks.  This is my inspiration picture.

 I'm pretty sure I will still do cedar raised beds, then bricks to edge the gravel. I couldn't find a picture of exactly what I'm going for but I know what it will look like in my head.

I feel really far away from the finished product but we are making some progress. Top soil got dumped last week.

Here is is after the kids ran all up and down it!

We have our work cut out for us!!!

Project list and some progress (or lack of) pictures

And the painting continues!-- The shed