Hi, I’m Becky

For the last 5 years we have lived in our fixer upper home. We’ve done little projects here and there but now we are getting to the good stuff. I’ve always loved interior decorating and had a vision of the potential our house had lying in store.

I hope you follow along with our everyday life and feel inspired to create a space you love no matter where you are.

Pantry Refresh and Other Project Starts

Sorry for the last month of blog silence over here. This last month of pregnancy left me wanting to do nothing but sit and rest. We tackled most of these projects before Noelle got here but I didn't get a chance to update.

Our pantry always felt dirty and I could never get it clean because it had some of those laminate sticky papers on it. Even though we plan on renovating the entire kitchen some day, having Noelle almost here left me wanting a feeling of cleanliness now.

We just decided to gut the whole thing.

And now...

It got all new shelves, baseboards, every seem is caulked, and Cameron painted it.

Nice and clean!

The other project that got started was a sandbox made by Cameron. He found some old deck wood at the dump and recycled it for the frame of the box. We are still working on getting it finished.

The last project is the ceiling got scraped in the den and kitchen dining area. This is what I've been working on since Noelle has been born. Cameron patched the hole next to the fan and a few days ago I taped and mudded everything. I'm so ready for the ceiling to be done because then I can paint the walls too. They are desperate for it. I'm also on the hunt for a new fan.

Wood Shed

A Furniture Makeover with Oil Based Paint