Hi, I’m Becky

For the last 5 years we have lived in our fixer upper home. We’ve done little projects here and there but now we are getting to the good stuff. I’ve always loved interior decorating and had a vision of the potential our house had lying in store.

I hope you follow along with our everyday life and feel inspired to create a space you love no matter where you are.

Outdoor updates

We've managed to work on a few other things outside last week despite some chilly weather. While Cameron's parents were in town they helped us with the front landscaping. Cameron's mom helped me weed the beds and then after that, Cameron and his Dad tried to take out some existing railroad ties the previous owners used as edging.

Taking out the railroad ties proved to be more than we bargained for. After some hammering and prying they managed to get off one layer of ties (we knew there were 2). It was really stuck in there with some huge nail-like stakes (see picture below). When they started to take out the second layer of ties, they found a third layer underneath! I can't quite remember but I think they found four layers deep worth of railroad ties. We tried to hypothesize why in the world the previous owners would have done that and the only thing we could come up with is maybe they were trying to keep out the bermuda grass. Anyway, after they got the 2 layers out I looked at my plans and decided we could stop there because I don't plan on planting anything with deep roots in that location.  So we covered it up with the dirt we had.

Taking off the second layer of railroad ties

We have good little helpers :)
Finished...for now...
The other thing we did this week is chopped down some more trees to get ready for my garden. I watched my crazy but amazing Idaho boy out my bedroom window. Oh the things we'll do to save some money...

Again, chopping up high so it didn't hit the house. Not the smartest thing in the world but it worked for us. Just one more tree to go and then the garden is all clear from shade!

The next thing we will do is fix the retaining wall out there. We're going to try and make it more level. You can't tell from this picture but it slopes down maybe a foot or so from the grass to the dirt. I think we will add more railroad ties to the top and build it up. So far railroad ties seem to be the most cost effective retaining wall (and easy to do ourselves).

Hanging it up

The start of the deck remodel