Kitchen Cabinet Plans

We’ve been working on our kitchen cabinet plans and I wanted to share the layout so far. We still have a few adjustments to make to measurements. I’m also going to make a line list for what we need space for and if it’s all going to fit.

I was really hoping to have space for all my appliances, but I have a lot of large appliances like the dehydrator, Kitchenaid mixer, food processor and blender that would take up entire cabinets!

There are some tricky elements to the kitchen in that we have two peninsulas and corner cabinets. I gained some extra space but we are still trying to figure out how to best use those corner cabinets. We already have one lazy susan and I don’t really love it. I think we are going to try doing an access cabinet from the back side of the peninsula so we can make the most of the space…(Read More)

How to Decorate using Principles of Design- Part 1

How do you know how to decorate? One thing that really helps me know how to decorate is the Principles of Design. This was drilled into me for four years at college studying Fine Art. The great thing is that these principles apply to all art forms and in this case interior design. I’m going to explain how they connect and apply to interior design and decorating…

Kitchen Inspiration

Photo Source. Our kitchen remodel is happening ! Woohoo! I’ve been thinking about what finishes, cabinets, backsplash, lighting, and hardware we are going to use. Over the (5!) years I’ve been waiting, I’ve collected a huge amount of inspiration photos. While I always wish for a House Beautiful magazine home, I need to work with the home I have. I think you can have a great design and pretty home even without the amazing architecture or soaring ceilings (ours our 8 foot)… (Read More)

Downstairs Bathroom Remodel, Before and After

It is an awesome feeling to have one room in your house completely finished. We haven’t experienced that in the five years we’ve lived here so it is such a blessing and relief. We feel so motivated now to completely finish more of the house.

Its a good thing we were able to finally finish the bathroom because are kitchen remodel is just about to begin. Luckily, I was able to find a few before pictures to show you what it looked like for many years. You won’t believe how far we’ve come!…(Read More)

Kitchen Demo and Plans... Part 3

Aside from my open shelves, the rest of the kitchen is still under construction. We took down the wall between the dining room and the kitchen, moved the oven, and the island moved to create a peninsula.

We are in the process of buying all new cabinets. However, I’m glad we waited a while and lived with the “rough draft” layout. There are two major problems that kept bothering me… (Read On)

Breaking Up is Hard

I have big changes in store for Five years ago I started this blog where talked all about our new house and home renovations as well as creating a garden to eat from year round. Over the years, friends have asked me for both garden advice and home decorating help. It wasn’t until earlier this year that I realized what I should of been doing all along. Instead of just writing for myself I could branch out and write in a way that helps others as well… (Read More)

Downstairs Bathroom Progress

The downstairs bathroom is getting really close to completion. We finished the hard things, new tile, Cameron built the vanity, countertop is on, new hardware, new light fixture (completed after this photo)

Still to be done: Finishing wainscoting, caulking, hanging planter, towel ring, wallpaper, and art.

I found a true before picture of our bathroom in my photo archives! Wait till you see it…

Downstairs Bathroom Design Board

We’ve made a good amount of progress on the downstairs bathroom. It’s about three quarters of the way done. Before I share the progress pictures, I wanted to share the design board I made. Calling it a design board makes me sound like a real designer!

The hardest choice was the wallpaper. I knew I wanted to use temporary wallpaper because I have taken wallpaper off before and don’t want to put anybody through that kind of misery. Plus it makes me feel better that I could change my mind if I wanted to later…(READ MORE)

Kitchen Open Shelving

To get caught up on where we are now in the kitchen, I wanted to show an update of the open shelving. I originally loved having no cabinets above in the kitchen, however, since the kitchen is small and had little storage it needed something. I thought I would test out having open shelving…

Goals for 2019

2018 had a lot of both successes and failures but overall it was a really good year. I grew more in the garden than ever before, the blueberries and blackberries really started taking off, and we made some good progress on renovating our bathroom…

Goodbye Dated Bathroom

Midway through the kitchen project Cam decided to pull off the bathroom wallpaper, which led to me doing what I actually wanted in there on the wall, wainscoting half way up. If you have boys you understand why wipeable walls is a must :) Then once the wainscoting was almost done, I realized the floors had to go. It was a total domino effect! …