Hi, I’m Becky

For the last 5 years we have lived in our fixer upper home. We’ve done little projects here and there but now we are getting to the good stuff. I’ve always loved interior decorating and had a vision of the potential our house had lying in store.

I hope you follow along with our everyday life and feel inspired to create a space you love no matter where you are.

Copy of Kitchen Inspiration

Copy of Kitchen Inspiration

Our kitchen remodel is happening ! Woohoo! I’ve been thinking about what finishes, cabinets, backsplash, lighting, and hardware we are going to use. Over the (5!) years I’ve been waiting, I’ve collected a huge amount of inspiration photos. While I always wish for a House Beautiful magazine home, I need to work with the home I have. I think you can have a great design and pretty home even without the amazing architecture or soaring ceilings (ours our 8 foot).


These were my main inspiration for kitchen cabinets. We are going with Kraftmaid Cabinets, the exact same as you see in this picture except mine will have skinnier molding on the shaker doors. Kraftmaid only does certain stock colors and I really love this one called Grayloft. It is a warmer gray. But since my kitchen has lots of north facing windows the actual cabinets look more blue and less green in my kitchen due to the cool light. I was able to get a sample to see how the color looked in my kitchen. Paint colors always look so different in depending on lighting.


Photography by  Minette Hand  for Apartment Therapy.

Photography by Minette Hand for Apartment Therapy.

Backsplash is going to be a hard choice for my kitchen. The kitchen backsplash is visible from our main “guest” living room and as a result I want it to fade into the background. By saying that I mean I don’t want anything too shiny or flashy. Both Cameron and I love herringbone pattern backsplashes but it would be too busy with open shelving and as I just mentioned, way too flashy.

I’m pretty sure we’ll end up using subway tiles but I’m not a huge fan of the stock size. I really like the long and skinny ones in the photo above. And of course, I need a lighter grout! White is my very favorite for backsplash color and grout. I’m going to look both locally and online to see if I can find one I like.

The kitchen above is pretty much the kitchen of my dreams. So many good things about it, if I had a second choice in cabinets it would be the style you see above. But back to the matter at hand , backsplash. Here is the long and skinny subway tile again with a lighter grout. Mine will only go up to the first shelf on our open shelving kind of like in this photo how it only goes 1/3 up the wall.

2019 Garden Plans

2019 Garden Plans