Hi, I’m Becky

For the last 5 years we have lived in our fixer upper home. We’ve done little projects here and there but now we are getting to the good stuff. I’ve always loved interior decorating and had a vision of the potential our house had lying in store.

I hope you follow along with our everyday life and feel inspired to create a space you love no matter where you are.

Garden: June, July, August

Garden: June, July, August

Halfway through our family reunion in Branson in at the end of June, I came back home to take care of my garden. Since we are really only living off vegetables from our home, I felt like it was important and I'm glad I did. I picked these beans, and ducted taped off a hundred squash bug eggs. I like to be diligent with the squash bugs at the start of the season and thankfully it has paid off. We are still getting yellow lemon squash like crazy. Maybe 10 a day. The boys made $10 selling them to neighbors last week haha!

June 28

July 1- Lemon squash, homemade pickles, tendergreen cucumbers, calima beans, black vernaissage tomatoes, danvers carrots, and I can't remember what variety of red carrot.

July 8- Kian is very proud of his sunflowers- The kids had their own garden again this year.

July 17- from my back deck. Do you like our clover field in the front? We had plans to put in grass this year but that didn't happen. There's always next year!! Haha!

July 17- Back portion of the garden. (Left to right)Growing up the back is pole beans,  butternut squash, cushaw squash, ledmon watermelon, blueberry bushes, melon patch, asparagus

July 17- I took this from the bathroom window upstairs. Who needs a drone when you have a tall house?

July 17

July 17- Noelle took this picture and I found it on my phone! Baker creek seeds sends free varieties each time you order. I got black vernissage tomatoes as a free seed and decided to try them out. Aside from the cool striping, I did not like them. They have a soft mealy texture, even when perfectly ripe.

July 18th- Yukon Gold potatoes. My first time growing potatoes. The best part was digging them up. It was fun!

July 20th- The front bed is where I just dug up potatoes. I companion planted them with green beans and it worked out well. They repel each others pests!

July 24th- Dax was really excited to find this carrot

July 30th- In progress dinner by Cam. We had a neighbor over for dinner and Cam grilled everything while I baked some of our potatoes we had just dug up.

August 2nd- Lucid Gem tomato by Wild Boar Farm seeds. This one is a keeper.

August 3rd- Hales best Melon. Love this variety

August 3rd

August 3rd- We've been eating cantaloupe each morning

August 5th- Biggest Cushaw winter squash so far this year. 

August 8th- Started the sweet potato harvest

August 8th- Corn harvest. We ate all of these one night for dinner :)

Augusta 12th- More sweet potato harvesting from another bed

August 12th- Leeks and more corn.

I made a potato leek soup Saturday night. It has been a weird August here. Unusually cold and wet- which has translated in my garden to blight on tomatoes, and powdery mildew on the winter squash leaves. Luckily, I got a good harvest from the squash already. My tomatoes haven't done great this year. I'm still working on a better system for staking up tomatoes and I think I finally figured it out. 

Next year I will add some more homemade compost to beds and stagger my planting. I did that this year (though not on purpose). Tomatoes planted May 1st and June 1st. My June 1st planted tomatoes are blight free and producing well. The plan is to do a May, June, and July planting of tomatoes  next year. My cucumbers I planted end of April and another batch mid June. My April ones are all bitter and died off, and now the ones planted in June are producing! Yay.  

Its been nice to have enough space to stagger planting dates. It's the way to go in this humid, buggy, climate. 

Fall Garden

Fall Garden

In the Garden: Fruit, veggies, and a new chicken run!

In the Garden: Fruit, veggies, and a new chicken run!