Copy of Kitchen Inspiration

Our kitchen remodel is happening ! Woohoo! I’ve been thinking about what finishes, cabinets, backsplash, lighting, and hardware we are going to use. Over the (5!) years I’ve been waiting, I’ve collected a huge amount of inspiration photos. While I always wish for a House Beautiful magazine home, I need to work with the home I have. I think you can have a great design and pretty home even without the amazing architecture or soaring ceilings (ours our 8 foot)… (Read More)

2019 Garden Plans

Planning a garden to feed us year round is quite a job for a family of six! It’s a little more complicated than it should be because I’m working in a tight space with intensive planting.

I do a four year rotation for my plant groups for the most part. Below are the plants I group together:

  1. Squash Family

  2. Nightshades

  3. Cabbage Family

  4. Lettuce and Friends- Friends being carrots, peas, onions

Seed Preparation 2019

This year, I told Cameron all I wanted for Christmas was the Baker Creek Seed Catalog. They send out a small one for free but I wanted the bigger one because I like to read all the articles too. All the waiting made the gift more worthwhile. I spent most of Christmas Day pouring over the catalog and my other favorites which I had already received…[Read More]

Garden Recap- PART 2

July 18th - The tomato frenzy begins!! This is the point where you stay up half the night, every night to can, pickle, freeze, dehydrate etc. It's fun at first. By August, I'm just plain tired! I think I was so caught up in canning, I didn't get a single picture! My Roma tomatoes saved me this year…

Garden: June, July, August

Halfway through our family reunion in Branson in at the end of June, I came back home to take care of my garden. Since we are really only living off vegetables from our home, I felt like it was important and I'm glad I did...